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Another idea that wouldn't let me alone. Paixao Verse, with big brother!Austria and Flandre. No, I don't know Touhou canon, so I have NO IDEA if I'm remotely close on Flandre's personality.


It was set to be another one of those days. A normal day… or as close to one as Roderich could get, considering he was trapped in a city, that was just one floor of a castle. Flandre, the girl he had met a few weeks into his entrapment here (and who had very quickly earned herself a place in Roderich’s life) was out and about exploring, and generally doing what she normally did when he wasn’t around. Sighing, he settled back on his bed, grabbing a book on the history of the city (what little there was) and a mug of tea he had wrangled on his small trip out.

Right when he was trying to take a drink of his tea, he heard knocking on his window along with a young, female voice shouting his name. He turned, and saw Flandre floating outside said window looking like she was about to cry… which was definitely NOT a normal thing for him to see. She was normally a happy and cheerful girl (as long as she wasn’t mad). Getting up, he rushed over to the window and opened it, quickly tackled by said girl.

“Would you like to explain what is going on?” He asked, closing the window again, while gathering Flandre into a hug. She had her face buried in his jacket, and didn’t seem to be willing to let him go anytime soon.

“I did something bad, I got caught…Now you’re going to leave me!” Her voice was muffled in his jacket, but he got the gist of what she was saying. He sighed.

“Considering what I’ve seen in life, I doubt what you did would make me abandon you.” He moved back over to the bed, perching on the edge of it, Flandre sitting on his lap. “Would you like to explain?”

“No.” A few uncouth German words slipped from Roderich’s lips, before he adjusted his glasses and tried again. He had to remember that he was dealing with a child.

“Would you like to tell me before I find out from the journals? I might not be as mad if I find out from the person involved.” He raised an eyebrow as she peeked up at him, the crystals on her wings clinking as they tapped together when she moved.

“See, there were these guards…” Roderich sighed. He knew it wasn’t going to be good if that’s how the story started. He listened to her tell the story, then noticing that there was blood on her dress. So, that’s how it went.

“I see. Now, go get cleaned up.” He watched as she walked towards the door, and then as she looked back. “I’m not going anywhere.” She left, and he settled back down with his book, knowing she would be back when she was done. Apparently though, he dozed off again, waking up a while later, Flandre curled up beside him, fast asleep also.

Crazy family I’ve adopted, this. Roderich thought, grabbing one of the extra blankets to cover the sleeping girl. I wonder if anyone at home would believe it if I told them.


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