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So, I got this idea this weekend when I was at home, and I wanted to get a bit of it down.

Starr walked down the hallway of the ruined school, her heels clicking as she wandered. Hands clasped behind her back, she looked around at the walls, seeing falling banners and rusting trophies. She adjusted the cowboy hat that rested behind her head and sighed. She'd spent a couple years in this place, under some strange delusion that she was a student teacher, and not some government agent. When she had snapped out of it and woken up in the hospital, staring up at J and Foxx, she had a breakdown.

This place had become home to her.

She heard a shuffling sound behind her, and she immediately whirled, in a defensive stance. She almost shrieked though, when she realized that there was a lion standing in front of her. His mane and whiskers were a mess, and he was just staring at her like she was staring at him. She didn't move, noticing that he wasn't moving. He was just...sitting there...watching.

"What are you..." She muttered under her breath. This wasn't any normal lion. She watched as he turned in the direction he had come from, making a motion with his head... Soon another lion, with a scar across his eye, although with the same coloring as the first, joined him. "Oh, grand." The second looked at the first, then her, then back at his companion.

He then took a step forward ... And she immediately stepped back. He looked at her with this look of What are you doing? before continuing to walk to a dusty patch of ground. He sat back, reaching forward with a paw to seemingly write something in the dust before walking back to where the other lion sat. Starr looked over, walking closer to the patch of dust. It spelled out a name.

"Kovu...." It hit her. "Kovu!" She turned back towards the two big cats, who seemed to be sharing a smirk. She ran over to them, hugging Kovu, strange as it was to hug a lion, then looking at the other. "Nuka?" A nod, before she threw her arms around them too. "You guys are lions?!" She then saw the perfect lion demonstration of an eyebrow raise. She laughed before sitting back on the ground in front of the animals who used to be her students. "Run into anyone else yet?"

"Well, I found a mouse, but I think you win with the two big cats." Starr heard another female voice and turned, seeing Sara Sidle leaning against a wall, with a mouse in Sherlock Holmes clothing on chilling on her shoulder. "Any idea what's going on here?" The older woman walked over, glancing at her reflection in one of the trophy cases.

"Nope. But, we have to be here again for a reason, right?"


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