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First off, the bar:

I'm almost through the first blue/grey bar. I say that color because I got a grey, that with the other colors looks kind of blue. I'm getting excited now, because I'm loving the randomness of it all, in a way.

...I'm hoping to get pictures this coming weekend. I'm waiting to get some good light that isn't the artificial stuff in my room. :D
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As most people know, I was inspired at Gallifrey to make one of the Doctor Who scarves. (there will be more details on the con later, but I'm tired and promised to be at work early tomorrow. Yay, busy season.)

I got the yarn yesterday, started it at knit night, realized I read the pattern wrong. Frogged it today, and now am restarting the process.

Here is the amazing knit meter:

Awesome percentage. Just awesome. There will be pictures. But not now.
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Chelsea's Cowl )

Spiral Hat )

Handspun Hat )
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Shannon's finished some more things that she's been working on :)

First off: The little messenger bag.

Pictures Under Here :) )

Second up: the first of two (hey, it's a pair, lol) Bella's Mittens from Twilight.

:) )
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I'm apparently on a knitting roll right now, lol.

These are the "Neapolitan Wristlets" Yes, they're named after the ice cream, which is what the yarn reminds me of.

Picture here )

And just an update:

Meet Bill

Jun. 26th, 2009 06:58 pm
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So, anybody who was in chat this afternoon got to hear about me knitting up Bill. I figured you all deserved to see pictures.

This, my friends, is Bill. )

Right now he's chilling out in the window so he can 'charge'.
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More pictures of stuff I recently finished!

Pictures~ )
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Yes, I keep track, and yes, I am amazed that I've knit half a mile already this year, most of it the last month or so, :).
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So, the physical organizing is done. Got some of it up on Ravelry, but my main problem is the fact that I used to have a tendency to get rid of the bands that come around the yarn. You know? the bands with the important stuff, like how to wash it and everything. Yeah, I didn't realize that was important when I was younger.

Anyway, what you all were wanting to see:

Le Stash )

I've pretty much decided I'm not buying any more yarn unless it's on sale or I really need it to finish something. I have too much right now. As Jessica said when she came over today: "I'm pretty sure you could go an entire year without buying yarn."

...It's true.


May. 15th, 2009 04:58 pm
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So, I've emptied out the bin and drawers, then took a picture of the floor, which was pretty much covered in yarn. Now, I've sorted out the acrylic, which is now in the big plastic bin that resides in my closet. I figured that was the best choice, because I only really use that for things that are going to get thrashed, because it's all machine washable.

Now, the only thing on my floor is the 'nice' stuff, which is sorted into handspun, sock, and everything else. I'm waiting to finish this tomorrow, so that I can have better light through the windows in order to take pictures for my stash on ravelry.

Yes, I took pictures. I'll have them up soonish, promise.
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This is what my stash looks like... )

The drawers are crammed full of yarn, and so is the big tupperware container. This is going to be epic organizing spree.
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It's not all bull puckey! As most of you know, I've been working on a pair of socks for a friend of mine. I finally finished blocking them today and gave them to her, but not without taking pictures!

Under here, because they're big. )

The colors aren't 100% true, because my camera sucks at taking pictures of pretty yarn and FO's. Anyway, I like making stuff for people if I have the supplies, so this was fun to do.


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